четверг, 19 февраля 2015 г.

MegaReal City pack - Coming soon

MegaReal City pack - Coming soon on Unity Asset Store
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Coming really soon at AssetStore! A pack of super realistic photorealistic models + a monthly subscription to the updates (from 1 to 3 new models each month).

HyperReality - MegaReal City pack

Unity and Unity Pro 4.3+
compatible Partial on Unity 5 - more coming soon!
Real World Mega City pack - is a pack of models of photorealistic quality for AAA-type games 

What am I buying?

  • Photorealistic models of high quality draft and detalisation for AAA-type games. 
  • Textures sized 2048,4096 px - which allows to use models for any gaming platform.
  • LODs from 0 up to the 2nd level
  • Simplified model of collisions
  • on LightProb
  • Collision

Buy it now and in future you will receive: 

  • The most important - from 1 to 3 new models each month for a 6 month !
  • Additional PBR shaders
  • Unity 5 Shader support (color Specular map)
  • Textures in their original sizes of 4096 px
  • Support and maintain and improvement of the models if needed